Change Log

A list of released versions.

  Version 1.6

Relase date: April 21th 2019

Description: New features

  • Added support for PhyloXml format
  • Added additional example file

  Version 1.5

Relase date: April 13th 2019

Description: New features

  • Legend sidebar in shared view
  • Annotation image upload and storage
  • Leaf tip names direction toggle in circular view
  • Increased maximum of rendered leaf nodes up to 3000
  • Toolbar layout updates
  • Node information added to annotation view
  • Keyboard shortcuts for annotation actions added
  • Upload of alternative file extensions supported
  • Misc. bug fixes and optimizations

  Version 1.4

Relase date: May 25th 2018

Description: New functionalities added and several issues fixed

  • Node annotation thresholding
  • Re-editing trees after sharing
  • Circular view rotation
  • SVG export
  • PNG export
  • Leaf tip names as italics
  • Removed notifications and welcome modal window
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Added changelog page

  Version 1.3

Relase date: October 10th 2016

Description: First public version of the app released along with the github repositories

  Version 1.2

Relase date: June 2016

Description: Internal version of the app with additional updates and the CMS functionality

  • CMS with Admin section
  • Chart sharing
  • Chart embedding via shared url
  • Additional pages + content

  Version 1.1

Relase date: December 2015

Description: Updated and improved version of the app for internal testing and development. Many major updates and new functionalities added, along with the AdminLTE theme.

  • New and improved design
  • New colorpicker with history
  • Nexus file support and parsing
  • Saving and loading tree settings
  • Node, Leaf and Branch operations
  • X and Y axis for tree size optimization
  • Node annotation
  • Tree Sorting
  • 2 additional branch projections
  • Node Bars
  • Code refactor

  Version 1.0

Relase date: April 2015

Description: Initial internal version of the app with very basic functionalities and minimalistic layout

  • Basic charting
  • File loading / file drag
  • Four types of chart layouts + transitions
  • Node/Branch/Leaf selection and coloring
  • Save and load as JSON
  • Children nodes rotation